How can I regrow my hair back to full thickness after drastic weight loss?

Question by Nathan: How can I regrow my hair back to full thickness after drastic weight loss?
My name is Nathan, I am going to be 17 in 2 months, and I used to live in Florida all my life until August of 2011 when I relocated to South Carolina. And I used to be obese until last year.

I was always overweight as a little kid, I was overweight since 3rd grade up until my freshmen year. At my heaviest I weighed 240 lbs. For a 15 year old, that is pretty fat. I was always self conscious about it. I became shy, weird, awkward, and pretty much a loser until the beginning of my sophomore year. I had never been interested in sports except for wrestling. I wanted to wrestle in middle school but I went to a private school from 6th-9th grade (it was one of those Christian schools that go from Pre-K to 12th) so they had to fund themselves. I had to be at least 13 to wrestle at that school and by the time I did turn 13, they had cut the wrestling team from the school because it went over the budget.

Anyways, when I came to SC in 2011, I decided to wrestle since I had the opportunity. And I sooo am glad I did. I dropped from 240 to 167 in 5 months and I have become a better person out of it, health wise and mentally too. But I noticed that my hair had started to become more thinner as I kept losing weight, but I didn’t know at the time that hair loss is a known side effect of rapid weight loss.

My mom first said that it was genetics but that’s not true because when I was three, my father was morbidly obese. He weighed at max 450 and had to get a gastric-bypass done. He had a full head of hair and when he had his surgery, he lose over 200 lbs in less than a year and shortly after, ALL his hair left with the weight. It’s also not genetics because my grandfather still had a full head of hair.

I know I’m dragging this on a bit, so I’m going to get straight to the point: How can I get my hair back to full thick was again before the weight loss in a healthy way? I have tried SOOO many things. I have tried many shampoos and conditioners, I have been taking Biotin pills for weeks now, and I have just started using the Mane ‘N Tail shampoo and conditioner. I don’t know what else I need to do, I have been trying to regrow my hair for months and there hasn’t been any noticeable changes.

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Answer by Elisa
Take Vitamins

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