What should i wear to show off a significant weight loss?

Question by Anonymous?: What should i wear to show off a significant weight loss?
Science fair is january 25th… we live in illinois (so mind the whether) usually the boys where suits and the girls wear nice jeans, skirts, etc. i am a girl. i never wear skirts, but i have also lost a lot of weight since i saw the kids from the other school that will be there. i am in 8th grade. the kids at my school know i am thin, but the kids at the other school that will be there i went to school with in 6th grade and i was chubby. they always called me fat. since then, i have lost weight and would like to wear something that would show it off well. here are my measurements, before and after weight loss.

please design an appropriate outfit i can wear that will show off how thin i have gotten?



i may lose 5lbs or gain 5lbs between now and then you never know, ya know? but i plan on staying about this weight and measurements…

ermmm something that i probs already have at home, no stuff i would need to purchase… 🙂

my style is vintagey… oh! and since then i got glasses. they are a clear (transparent) dont worry, i can pull them off since i have pale skin and a lightish hair color) cat eye one (not the hipster kinda cateye, the like 50sish 60sish kind…)

thanks!!! 😀
ermmm so something that would match my glasses style?

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Answer by Shawty said a hater ain’t cr
Well, honey, mostly anything black! Lol.

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