Q&A: Why are people so obsessed with their figure?

Question by dollyrot_babe: Why are people so obsessed with their figure?
Everyday people worry over their sizes. Some people even go to dangerous lengths to have the “perfect body”, but it’s anything but. So why does society push a certain look onto all girls. You barely hear of guys being bulimic or anorexic. So why does fashion push it all onto girls, but claims that it’s all stopped. Girls are still starving themselves and throwing up to be skinny. So it hasn’t stopped. If anything, it’s gotten worse. What are your views on this subject? Please be very descriptive, and actually type a reply, not a sentence that means nothing.

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Answer by ninjas.x
I have no idea! I hate my figure but i dont’ go to extreme levels to change it i still eat what i want and do what i want. People say i’m really skiny but i think i look a little plumpish but I LOVE wendy’s A LOT. BUt yeah i mean it’s okay to hate your body but it doesn’t mean you should change it. I like the way i am and i Love food to much and i ahte htrowing up since i had a bad memory from food poising and my teeth were damanged.

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