Q&A: Does weight loss affect a belly button piercing?

Question by sea foam green girl: Does weight loss affect a belly button piercing?
I plan on getting my belly button pierced soon. And I also plan on losing 15-30 pounds over the summer(after I get it pierced) and I was just wondering if this weight loss will affect the Way the piercing looks or where it’s placed. Please provide me with the most accurate answers you can provide. 🙂

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Answer by Steve
It might cause it to migrate out. Basically your body rejects it and pushes it out over a period of time.
Since it is almost Summer please remember that you shouldnt submerge it in any type water for long periods of time due to the possibility of infection. (i.e. swimming, wading,ect) The recommended period of time before swimmig varies according to the piercer. i think 6-8 weeks minimum, but some advise more time than than that. Up to 6 months.

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