plus size skinny jeans

Some cool skinny body images:

plus size skinny jeans
skinny body
Image by arimoore
on delancey street. i get what they mean but it’s still weird. i guess that means that "skinny" is probably an oppressive description for a pants style.

Skinny ant
skinny body
Image by quinet
Not familiar with this species – Ko Lanta, November 2010

day fifty three
skinny body
Image by LivyAnn
yeesh, i don’t like this one a bit.
obviously, my body wasn’t ready for this one. but it will be soon. the only word i could use to describe my day is "powerful." i don’t want to go into all the messy things that i realized, conclusions i made, and battles and overcame. i just want to say that i felt very empowered and energized. and that is good to feel. i don’t get that way often.

so this picture was supposed to look powerful… but…

ehh, well. maybe next time.


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