Nice Before After Weight Loss photos

Check out these before after weight loss images:

On the left, September 2006; on the right, May 2007. Which do you think is better?
before after weight loss
Image by lifebeginsat50mm
I’ve been working hard lately to shift some of the excess weight I’m carrying around. When I arrived here in Poland not so long ago, I was a disturbingly large 85kg or so; now, I’m a shade over 74kg.

Strangely, it’s in the "before" photo that I’m surrounded by beautiful girls – how did that happen? And my taste in clothes hasn’t improved much…

The weight loss is down to a combination of going to the gym regularly, and eating more carefully. For instance, my personal favourite meal, at least here in Poland, has always been sausages with onions in white bread rolls with loads of mustard and ketchup, and a bottle of Cola Light to go with it. Now, I eat only healthy (healthier!) foods, and I’ve not had a touch of anything but water to drink for weeks now. I think it’s working.

My Success Story
before after weight loss
Image by rockymountainhigh
My Success Story on Jillian’s website. I have maintained my weight for over 3 years.

What college does to you
before after weight loss
Image by Mira (on the wall)

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