Embracing the Mom Body | Moms

Embracing the Mom Body | Moms
“I want women to stop striving for it [the perfect body]. I want women to start focusing more on their accomplishments [and] how they contribute to the world. If women can remove this chip, this body shaming and hating chip, get it out of their head …
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Hobbies: I love life and learning new things. My perfect day would start with a workout, go on an adventure, learn something new, and end it dancing. Sexiest part of a woman: Soul. Favorite food: Mom's healthy cooking. Biggest turn-on: For a woman to …
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FBI looking for Arizona women performing illegal butt-enhancement injections
(FBI-Phoenix). The quest for a perfect body is putting women in Tucson, Ariz., in danger. The FBI is currently trying to locate Ivonne Clarisa Ceballos Tapia and Perla Guadalupe Rubio Prado. The two women are accused of performing illegal buttock …
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I'm Only Going to Say this Once, "There is No Perfect Body"
“There is no perfect body type”, take a moment to let that in. . . .then ask yourself, “then why do so many girls, boys, men and women believe, invest and suffer willingly to achieve this fabricated and idealized body, regardless of the cost to their …
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