7 tricks to avoid getting sick in winter

7 tricks to avoid getting sick in winter
The shorter days and longer nights are the perfect time to top up on rest, and your body needs it to keep immunity strong and heal from any infections. However, try not to increase your average sleep time by more than an hour, otherwise this can …
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5 Things You Need To Know About Weight Training (Yes, You Should Do It!)
Seriously jacked up bodies? Intimidatingly heavy looking dumbbells? Chest-bumping bros? If any of those mental images have scared you away from the weight room, you're missing out. Because as great as cardio is, weight training is the perfect …
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Taryn Brumfitt Video Reveals Women Find Their Bodies 'Disgusting': What Can
She was lauded for showing a real, un-airbrushed view of women's bodies and is part of a bigger movement celebrating real bodies, rather than the airbrushed, personal-trainer-sculpted abs we're so used to seeing. She started a website, The Body Image …
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