What are good hairstyles for widow’s peak hairline?

Question by : What are good hairstyles for widow’s peak hairline?
I always have a line right down the middle, straight or curly. I flips my hair to the side, but it’s not my best look. I am a female and I just want to look my best. I have an “oblong face” but this hairline situation is annoying. Any hairstyle suggestions? 😀 I’ll try anything.

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Answer by Jade Vickerson
A widow’s peak is a distinct V-shape that dips down along the hairline. Celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Fran Drescher, Colin Farrell and Leonardo DiCaprio all have widow’s peaks. Many people find themselves fixated on hiding or disguising their widow’s peak with the idea that a straighter hairline looks more natural and attractive. There are various hairstyles that can help you look and feel your best, whether you like your widow’s peak or are uncomfortable with it.


Add some swooping, rounded curls around the crown of your head to help soften the effect of your widow’s peak. Create a romantic, face-hugging hairstyle that takes the attention off of your V-shaped hairline. Wispy, tapered edges and long layered curls with most of the volume at the jawline create a balanced look.


Create a deep side part and style long side-swept bangs over your widow’s peak. Alternatively, create spiky, undercut bangs that will blend in with your V-shaped hairline and frame your face attractively. Avoid cutting bangs too bluntly, which can look severe.


Long layers that hit at ear-level or below will soften the effect of a widow’s peak and add texture and volume to your hair. Avoid a center part unless you want to draw attention to your widow’s peak.


Choose a hairstyle that focuses on your overall face shape to compliment your naturally unique hairline. Go long and layered for square and heart-shaped faces. Go for side-swept bangs with a round face or try a choppy bob for a long, oval face.

Let it be: Your widow’s peak makes you uniquely you, so why hide it? When choosing a hairstyle, focus on your overall face shape instead, whether it’s heart, square, oval, or round.
The true heart: A true heart-shaped face will have a wider forehead, pointier chin, and a widow’s peak. In this particular case, choose styles that give volume around the jawline, avoiding cuts that provide fullness around the temples. Also, steer clear of blunt bangs, which can look too severe.
Curly girly: Notice how Marilyn’s widow’s peak blends in with her curl? Add a few swooping rounded curls in the mix to provide a soft effect.
Hair removal: If you absolutely must create a straighter hairline, avoid shaving, which can leave an obvious stubbly line. Instead, consider tweezing, but don’t go overboard.
Do the splits: Your widow’s peak might act like a cowlick, causing unwanted splitting along your hairline. To coerce it to behave, start with damp hair and focus the air flow from your blow-dryer down toward the peak, tautly pulling hair over and around it to blend.
Banged up: Side parts and soft, swooping bangs are perfect ways to work with your widow’s peak. Also, fun, spiky undercut bangs blend nicely with a descending v hairline, providing a stylish face-framing effect.

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