Trager Delaney

It is helpful to think of Trager Delaney‘s London-based designers Kim Trager and Lowell Delaney as crack anthropologists. They are keen students of people, and they want their clothes to tell those people’s stories. Or, more accurately, they like to create rococo tales of what those stories might be. Case in point, this season’s nicely observed take on English council estate aesthetics, with their track suits, big tees, and sexed-up Saturday night dresses, which Trager and Delaney spun into a Scarface-inspired yarn about a poor boy who’s made it big, and so now he and his girl are getting into some conspicuous consumption. This was a collection very much about what people with nothing think rich people have—smoking jackets, red merino furs trimmed in stingray gold python, velvet track suits lined in organza. More than a few actually rich women are going to want to own those python-trimmed coats and velvet track suits, the latter of which feature leg-length zips that open to reveal skin winking through that sheer organza. And that ratifies Trager and Delaney’s larger point here, which is that—vacated of their class connotations—lots of so-called naff looks are actually pretty awesome. Get with the bling, people. Get with the bling.
—Maya Singer
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