It’s season two for Alexandra and Louisa Burch’s Trademark label. Fall picks up on the ideas that they began establishing with their Spring debut. “It’s always a classic shape; it’s always functional,” Alexandra said. “It always feels a little bit like a uniform.” Trademark is a collection of basics, in other words, but not boring ones. The Burch sisters believe in strong colors, and there were plenty here, from the bright pumpkin of a Sherpa wool cropped peacoat to the sky blue of a varsity jacket trimmed in tomato red. Other things elevating these pieces beyond the everyday: the occasional oddball fabric, like the polka-dot jacquard of a sack dress, and offbeat proportions. Trousers are cropped well above the ankle and sweaters really slouch (knits are the Burch girls’ strong suit so far). But all that said, these clothes are very much designed to be lived in, a fact that’s reflected in price tags that situate the brand at the lower end of the contemporary market. Trademark’s first store is scheduled to open in June at 95 Grand Street in New York’s Soho.
—Nicole Phelps
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