Q&A: Will the tattoo stretch with weight loss?

Question by Brittany O: Will the tattoo stretch with weight loss?
I want to get a tattoo behind my ear that goes from there to my shoulder. I’m in the process of losing a lot of weight, and was thinking that there’s a possibility the weight loss could cause it to stretch oddly. I don’t have a fat neck, but I’m just paranoid.

Do you think it will?

Thanks for answering. If you don’t like tattoos or where I’m getting the tattoo, please don’t answer. I really don’t care about your opinion.

Best answer:

Answer by Michelle
If you get the tattoo before you are done losing weight, your tattoo probably won’t stretch, per say. What will probably happen (you might not wanna hear this) to the tat (if u get it before you loose all the weight), is some of the fat underneath the skin where your tattoo is will be lost and therefore your skin will be somewhat loose or baggy/wrinkled.

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