Lindsey Thornburg

Back in 2006, Lindsey Thornburg launched her namesake collection with witchy cloaks whipped up from deadstock Pendleton blankets. Over the years, the free-spirited designer has expanded to offer a full ready-to-wear range, but she remains best known for her capes, so it makes sense that she decided to keep the focus on them this season. Thornburg has built a strong relationship with Pendleton, and since Fall ’12 she’s been officially partnering with the historic Portland, Oregon-based mill on a co-branded line. Their latest collaboration stars in the Fall ’14 lookbook and its corresponding video, which features models stalking around a dry forest like high priestesses in some coven in Thornburg’s signature, sweeping toggled cloaks. What the collection lacked in scope was reconciled by its breadth of vibrant, graphic prints that were either custom-developed or Pendleton originals. To be sure, these bold patterns were the most psychedelic Thornburg has done to date, with highlights including a warped, Technicolor plaid, as well as an American-flag-inspired “stars and stripes” motif and a landscape print that evoked what the designer called a “cactus mirage in the middle of a peyote trip.” The result was Thornburg at her bohemian best, but we’d still like to see her make a more concerted push into other categories.
—Brittany Adams
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