I am a 5’9 female, and my current weight is 145. I am aware that the lowest healthy/ideal weight is 129. I eat fairly well (though I admit I could have a cleaner diet) and excersize 3 times a week. I drink green tea and water, and I do not smoke or drink any alcoholic beverages. Do you recommend any workouts or diets I can try out to reduce body fat and increase metabolism? Thank you very much, your blog is absolutely fabulous.

sounds like you’re doing pretty well already. as you already exercise 3 times a week, i’d suggest increasing the amount, or adding an extra workout and increasing the intensity. make sure you include cardio and strength to see the best results. as for increasing your metabolism, plenty of water, and the green tea will already be doing that. try eating bigger meals in the morning, make breakfast your biggest meal of the day and dinner your smallest, and add light snacks throughout the day to keep your metabolism working. keep up your good work though (y)

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