Cool Before After Weight Loss images

Check out these before after weight loss images:

before and after
before after weight loss
Image by The Guncle
left – January 2007
right – July 2007

I am so happy to be getting back into shape and clothes I hadn’t worn in a year or more.

The other day I was talking with my mom:

It really sucks that I never got to see you fat!

Before and After (Kinda)
before after weight loss
Image by Chris Pirillo
They say a picture says a thousand words, and the differences between these two profiles are quite visible. Consider, however, that the photo on the left was taken a full month into my plan – when I had already lost 15 pounds (160 from 175)! Losing weight isn’t much fun, nor is gaining weight – but in the end, whichever way you have to go, the results should speak for themselves. I’ve lost about 25 pounds of fat in the past three months…

It’s not a "true" before and after photo. If you really care to look, this snapshot was taken two weeks into it (168 from 175). The worst ones came before I started, like at Seattle Mind Camp or Northern Voice. Ponzi thinks I’ve come down as far as I can go – weighing in at 147 yesterday. I believe, however, that I’ll get to between 140 and 145 before all is said and done.

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