Fitness – OMG Sexy Body Workout

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19 thoughts on “Fitness – OMG Sexy Body Workout

  1. This is good. I haven’t been watching much lately (been busy), but I like this format where you explain what’s going on, and demonstrate some modifications for beginners.

  2. I love you and thanks for the video. I haven’t watch ur vids for awhile and gain 5 pounds!! I need to start watching ur vids and start working out again.

  3. Just watching your body just made me lose about 2 stone in sweat alone…i guess there’s no need for working out time no more ..just more jaw dropping drool time xD

  4. OMG….. i wish my body looked like yours. This is my dream body….. im working on it!!! Will working out like this make me bulk up???? Ur not bulky, but im scared i will bulk up :(

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